Colonial Waterproofing and Coatings have been protecting buildings from water damage since 1963.

Founded in 1963 with the task of waterproofing basements, Colonial Waterproofing and Coatings soon developed a system that would enable services to be delivered to building exteriors. This system included 3 motors, an air compressor, a cement mixer and rotor/stator pump that would essentially deliver the waterproofing materials to an exterior wall 150′ away. To increase efficiency, mounting the system on a truck allowed access around buildings. From then on Colonial continued to grow, becoming the single best reliable source for waterproofing and restoration services.


Keeping a building watertight is critical to the longevity of any structure.

Water is the single most damaging element to a buildings facility. As time goes on, these problems become even more severe. Water first damages a building cosmetically, then structurally and without the proper care, by the time water damage is visible on the interior of building the damage could be extremely damaging to the exterior. To say the least it could be extremely costly to repair. Being aggressive in protecting your investment, as well as correcting the problems that may be overlooked over time will maintain your structures and be the best costly savings for your business. Keeping the building watertight is so important.

Another factor to consider is the preventing mold. Preventing and stopping mold from surfacing and coming back is only done by fixing the water leaks or moisture source. Mold loves to multiply and spread like wildfire.

Colonial Waterproofing and Coatings provides outstanding waterproofing services for new as well as existing buildings that will help prevent long-term problems.