Waterproofing Solutions for your Commercial Building

Colonial-Crete is a cement based waterproofing protective coating, formulated of triple ground, inorganic matter, blended in exact proportions to ensure maximum results. Product base is a specially processed Portland cement.



  • Colonial-Crete is a waterproofing agent designed and formulated to be applied to masonry surfaces such as:
    cinder, cement blocks, cement plaster and tilt-up and precast panels.
  • Vitrified surface or surfaces lacking suction or porosity may be coated by addition of Colonial Bond to the Colonial-Crete mix.

DIAGRAM OF concrete blocks

1/8’’ Stucco penetrating into the masonry to form an integral, waterproof, wall surface.


  • Our NJ waterproofing services provide an attractive and cost-effective alternative to new construction.
  • Provides an alternative for rehabilitation of older buildings rather than expensive new construction.
  • Fills masonry pores in and on the surface that provides a breathable, long-lasting, durable water resistant finished.


  • Before application – all doors, windows and other openings will be masked out and protected.
  • Surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly of dirt and loose particles.
  • The crete is sprayed through a nozzle type gun onto the surface under pressure of approximately 35lbs. per sq in. The result is a 1/8th’’ deep waterproof protective coating.


  • Labor and materials are warranted against water seepage, peeling or chipping for up to 5 years.